Who We Are

“If you bring someone out of darkness and change their direction you can change the outcome of their life.”

Who We Are

Our Approach

COHAP Outreach Corporation is a 501 C3 non-profit re-entry program that provides Veterans and those formerly incarcerated individuals planning and preventive services. We offer a direct plan for those formerly incarcerated on parole or release. We have a team of professional consultants that fit the needs of each client. Our client intake process will include an assessment and interview to determine their needs.

At COHAP, we focus on veterans and those formerly incarcerated, as we have found they face more challenges than others when it comes to re-entry into society. We offer short-term transitional housing and home buying programs to prevent homelessness. We partner with agencies, Educational Institutions, and local non-profit organizations to provide Certified Educational Programs, GED, vocational training, resume & interviewing skills, support groups for behavior & addiction issues, basic life skills, and financial literacy to serve as a foundation for success.


The COHAP Outreach Corporation is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded by Natasha Wilson in 2014. Mrs. Wilson has a degree in Business Management with a 13-year background in Real Estate & Real Estate Investment. She is also a Project Manager, Business Consultant, and Entrepreneur.

Mrs. Wilson is also a wife, a mother, a philanthropist, and most importantly, an obedient child of the Highest Yah. COHAP came to her spiritually as she experienced first-hand the effects of having a family member removed from her life through incarceration and personally experiencing homelessness.

Mrs. Wilson is a strong advocate for men and women behind bars and has done significant work in prison reform. She is also a passionate advocate for veterans as her dad, grandfather, and great-grandfather all served in the military. She has a strong community presence as she has served the community during Hurricane Harvey.

Mrs. Wilson has observed a vast amount of homelessness and hopelessness within the community and decided to do something about it. Noticing the lack of support, education, and employment for those formerly incarcerated and those who have served our nation, coupled with her philanthropic spirit, COHAP was birthed.

Through COHAP, Mrs. Wilson has created programs to help those on parole or probation seamlessly reenter society. She had noticed many men and women returning to the prison system after getting paroled due to a lack of support, education, employment, and financial circumstances.

COHAP stands for “Chance of Hope and Prosperity,” which is what Natasha Wilson and COHAP offer our community.

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Which Strengthened Me.” Philippians 4:13

Five Core Values


A chance to redeem oneself.


Opening doors to new expectations and beginnings.


Breaking financial barriers for you and your family.


“Be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as Yah through Christ has forgiven you."


Creating honor and respect with moral values.